Volunteering on MLK Day

As part of the 2010 MLK National Day of Service – A Day ON, Not a Day OFF! – several members of the Campaign Consultation Team, along with family and friends – had the honor of participating in various volunteer projects within our communities.

Suzanne Knizner recalls her experience:

“After participating in MLK Day of Service at Baltimore City’s Waverly School last year, I knew it was a project I wanted to support again this year.  The project was organized by VISTA volunteers.  MLK Day volunteers participated by painting bright, ‘life-sized’ shapes on the gym walls  to use in learning exercises.   Our group of four collaboratively painted a very large yellow diamond inside a purple rectangle on the southwest gym wall.  Each of the other groups painted similar shapes – circles, triangles and squares – within rectangles of a contrasting color.

It was a simple assignment, but upon completion, it was obvious how the overall project would help “shape” a child’s learning experience.  The only regret our team had was not being able to see the student’s reaction to their newly painted gym!  I was grateful for the opportunity to participate in this event and honor Dr. King by contributing to a local project that was beneficial to the community – and fun!”

Feel free to share with us any volunteer experience you had on MLK Day 2010.