Linda Brown Rivelis, CFRE


Greetings! I am co-founder and President of Campaign Consultation, Inc. My passion personally and professionally is creating change by helping people like you attract attention to their product, service or cause through opportunistic and instinctual marketing and promotion. In addition to attracting visibility for clients, I’ve had great success in helping groups succeed in fundraising for capital campaigns, annual giving, direct mail and other resource development related to writing the case for support, helping Boards succeed, conducting feasibility studies, etc. A Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE), I have 40 years (can’t believe it!) of fundraising experience with such organizations as Johns Hopkins’ Kennedy Krieger Institute, Maryland Institute College of Art, Epilepsy Foundation and American Red Cross.

A professional highlight of my work with American Red Cross includes leading volunteers to Arolsen, Germany. Our task was to negotiate a new tracing pathway between International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) to American Red Cross. The goal remains to have a dedicated tracing service that links Holocaust and War victim survivors, families and friends with the information found on records of people who died in the camps, factories, etc. Agreement was achieved and I remain grateful to have had a founding role in establishing the National Holocaust and War Victims Tracing and Information Center. I’ve continued our international work by training community activists from Eastern Europe, Siberia, Russia and the Mediterranean region about the U.S. nonprofit sector. A key component in our international work is helping groups adapt newly gained knowledge in fundraising, leadership development, marketing or advocacy and develop plans to apply to their own cultures.

In the U.S., it remains a pleasure to lead Campaign Consultation in our work with organizations affiliated with national community service, global microenterprise, water preservation and initiatives related to the Executive branch of our federal government. I am grateful to our long-time clients and glad to continue our innovative track record in delivering uniquely interactive products and services such as web-based campuses, online learning tools, webinars, virtual conferences, diversity facilitation, strategic planning, marketing, fundraising and advocacy campaigns.

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