Steven Rivelis

Chief Executive Officer

We are living in a new age, which requires a new body of knowledge, a new way of thinking, and a new set of strategies to address today’s complex interrelated challenges. Campaign Consultation is equipped to help individuals and systems advance their agenda in this ultra-quick-changing environment.

I have been helping people adapt to change and meet goals for over a quarter of a century. I have provided marketing and message development assistance to NASA, Youth Build USA and AmeriCorps VISTA; strategic and action planning assistance to Population Action International and Family Care International; and diversity training/coaching to the International Monetary Fund, ChevronTexaco, and the University of Washington – School of Medicine.

My consultations have ranged from civic and business leaders in Central America and Africa, to those in the Middle East and post-Soviet nations, developing tools and techniques for creating social change using our “Winning Movements” curriculum. Three of my proudest achievements has been the drafting and successfully lobbying for the passage of the nation’s first Motor Voter Registration law, helping to codify the Roe v Wade decision protecting reproductive rights in Maryland, and working to win passage of Question 6 – the “same sex” marriage referendum in Maryland.

I also have served as the “architect” of a meeting between leaders from forty-five national organizations, resulting in a BLUEPRINT: for a National Multi-Disciplinary Prevention Agenda and created the TOOL BOX for Collaborative Campaigns. And I served as one of the principal developers of the Institute for Partnership Development; the Recipes for Building Community Institute, SustainAbility Institute and the Resources Now! National Institute.

I have shared my social change knowledge serving as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland – School of Social Work, where I taught a graduate class on communities and systems; faculty at the Johns Hopkins University – Center for Civil Society; and faculty member to the Supreme Court of Virginia.

My ability to help people identify and develop the action steps needed to create desired change is evident in my work for the White House Council for Community Solution’s; the Grameen Foundation; and the Social Innovation Fund.

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