Thank and GIVE 5: Strategic Philanthropy Done Right

It’s November,a time to give thanks,which many of us do by giving to others. At Campaign Consultation,Inc. founders Linda Brown Rivelis,President,and Steven Rivelis,CEO,have woven the spirit of giving into the fabric of their business and celebrated the season through its GIVE 5 initiative.

Through this annual program,Campaign Consultation grants five percent of its pre-tax profits to social causes and social profit organizations selected by employees.

Each employee pitches a proposal for a cause or organization about which they are passionate and makes a recommendation for an amount that they believe would make a difference for their selected organization(s).

This model of strategic philanthropy allows Campaign Consultation,Inc. to give back to communities,but also to learn to apply our core competencies in new areas and improve employee morale. This approach strikes a balance between meeting the needs of the company and those of the beneficiaries. Since the beginning,the Give 5 program has been deeply enjoyed and well received–by the company,our employees and the recipients. Stay tuned to find out to which organizations Campaign Consultation will be contributing. Announcements will be made in December.

This year,Campaign Consultation,Inc. challenges individuals and companies to participate in our GIVE 5 initiative. Individuals can celebrate the giving season along with us by committing five hours of their time and energy to give back and make a difference in the community and/or contributing to one of the this year’s GIVE 5 recipients.

Companies can get involved by launching GIVE 5 initiatives of their own and encouraging their employees to get involved and make a difference.

Many people taking small steps equals a giant stride. Be part of this momentum.