The Strength of Our Connections

“In times of crisis a community’s integrity is measured by the strength of its connections.”

Dear Ones —

On September 11, 2001 … Linda was in New England with one of our clients and a few of our staff and associates.  I was unable to reach them.  I was a mess.

I was, however, able to reach out to family and friends, colleagues and collaborators … to check-in and connect.  We heard back from many of them, and others, who inspired us with their insights and updates.  These compelling replies were compiled into a book [click for a copy], simply titled: 9.11.01

As we approach the 10th anniversary, we invite you and others to send us your reflections and forward thinking on …

·         community and country

·         civil society and social justice

·         global interactions and global responsibilities, and

·         your dreams and desires for: What’s Next

We plan to share these replies across our networks from September 1-September 11 … as our small and simple way to strengthen our collective connections.

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Thank you for being part of our community!


– Steven