Weekend Sports Warrior

Weekend Warrior … this is the title my doctor gave me as she pushed my knee back and forth and we discussed treatment options for my swollen knee.  Yup, some warrior.  Apparently there’s a huge population of Baltimorians who play the recreational games from our childhood – with the reckless abandon of youth along with our aging bodies of reality.

I’ve played recreational kickball for the past three years, only to have my most recent run from 1st base to 2nd thwarted by a giant red ball and a torn ACL.  I join the ranks of those who play hard all weekend, making friends, spending time outside and going to the doctor on Monday complaining of ailments that take us out of commission.

Though I’m looking at some extensive physical therapy and surgery, I can’t overlook the fun I’ve had on weekends playing kickball, football and volleyball.  Baltimore is a great place to meet new people and rec sports really are a great conduit to make that happen!  Check out Baltimore Sports and Social Club at http://www.baltssc.com/ and get ready to make some great friends, and have a fantastic time.  Just be sure to stretch first!

Posted by: Stephanie Grocott, Project & Corporate Coordinator