Wide Angle Youth Media – 6th Annual “Who are You?” Festival

Wide Angle Youth Media (WAYM) provides video and media training to children from Baltimore City Public Schools.  Located in the same Charles Village community as Campaign Consultation and Eye Byte Solutions, we have provided annual support to  WAYM for several years through our GIVE 5 initiatives.  In December, employees from both companies decided to step up our support and become the top sponsors of WAYM’s signature event.

Company leadership was pleased to receive Festival appreciation and relay our admiration for the artistic expression of students on topics ranging from breast cancer awareness to same-sex relationships.  It was a packed theatre audience who also heard from Congressman Elijah Cummings who talked about his childhood and emphasized the importance of art and youth.

For more information on Wide Angle Youth Media, please check out www.wideanglemedia.org

Posted by:   Lorilei Barsh, Business Development Coordinator

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